Wray, Lancashire, the 'Scarecrow Village'
Video 1. The History of Wray Fair and the Scarecrow Festival.
Dave Hartnup talks about the origins of Wray Fair from 1894, the beginning of the Scarecrow Festival, Giant Scarecrows, Churchill, Jimmy Savile, Drunken Revellers, Wray Flood, the 1980's, travelling in the Pyrenees, 1992 Scarecrow Festival. Tate Gallery, Lune Valley, ITV publicity, VE Day 1995 Theme, The Normandy Landings, Parachutists, Red Baron, GI's, and more.

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See also: Wray Fair 2006 - events on the main field from the 2006 Wray Fair.

40 Years since the WRAY FLOOD - keep an eye on the river level with our WRAY WEBCAM FEED.

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